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Yakovlev Yak-3

Scale 1:33
Author: Lukasz Fuczek
File Size: 20.4Mb
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Roger Sauvage, GC3 "Normandie-Niemen"
16 victories (3+13 shared)
Semyon Rogov, 1 Guard Fighter Regiment

Model # 078
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Technical data:
  Length 8.5 m    
  Span 9.2 m    
  Engine 1 x Klimov VK-105PF-2 liquid cooled, 1,290hp
  Max Speed 646 km/h    
  Armament 1 x 20mm ShVAK cannon, 2 x 12.7mm Berezin UBS machine guns
  Crew 1    
    In 1943, Yakovlev designed Yak-1M as a smaller and lighter version of his Yak-1 fighter. Second prototype was completed with plywood covering of rear fuselage, mastless radio antenna, reflector gunsight and improved armor and engine cooling. test pilot was so impressed with the new aircraft that he recommended its immediate production. The newest Yakovlev fighter entered service in 1944 as a Yak-3. It proved to be agile dogfighter and forgiving and easy to handle aircraft loved by all the pilots.  At altitudes below 5,000m, Yak-3 proved to be superior to all Luftwaffe fighters. Plane also had drawbacks...short range, tendency to glued-on plywood covering the wings to tear off under high-G loads and reliability of early model engine.

Beta-build model built and photographed by the author.

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